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How To Find The Best Window Cleaner For Your Home Or Office

Cleaning windows is one of those chores that most people dreaded growing up. It always seems to be a lot of work. As boring as cleaning windows can be, it is one chore that you do not want to leave unattended. Keeping your glass windows pristine adds a clean look to your house or office space. One that almost nothing else can give to your building. Even if you slap on a new coat of paint, grimy windows will still make your house look dirty and unkempt.

If you do not want to do it yourself or you know you can’t do it right, then hiring the services of a professional window cleaner is your best bet. Cleaning windows could also be dangerous. Especially if your home is more than one story. Hiring a professional glass cleaning service is the way to go, but how do you go about it? It could be harder than it seems, and it could take some effort on your part before you can find a good service.

How do you find a window cleaner that does a great job?

There are some simple steps you should follow to get the best cleaning service available. This article will talk about them and other important things that will help you get things done the right way.

Looking For A Good Window Cleaning Service? Keep These In Mind

What if you’ve decided not to risk skin and limb climbing ladders to clean your own windows by yourself? Then you’ll want to hire professionals to get it done for you. The next thing to figure out is how to get a good one. You should be prepared to do a bit of research and ask a few questions. At the end of it, you should come out satisfied with super clean windows and not too big a hole in your pocket.

Experience And References

It goes without saying that you would want a glass cleaning service with experience to handle your cleaning. Glass cleaning is a fairly technical process, especially when working on tall buildings. It is important to hire a company that is safety conscious and professional. How many jobs like yours has the company successfully executed? This is where references come into the picture.

One of the most important indicators of a good or mediocre window cleaning company is what their clients say about them. It is important to not hire one without solid references to back them up.

These references could be from several sources. Friends are good sources of information in this regard. They might have used the same company at some point, they would give you a comprehensive review. You could also check review sites like Yelp to get a feel of how good the company you are about to hire is. Another effective way to check up on your window cleaner is to see if you can find any complaints about them. You check for such complaints on the Better Business Bureau website. They log complaints against any company that has provided a bad service to clients. The truth is that there are resources open to you that you can make use of. They are there to make sure you don’t fall victim to bad companies with a bad reputation that will make a mess of your windows.

Safety Standards

As pointed out earlier, cleaning windows can be a dangerous undertaking. Imagine a 30 story building all made of glass. That means cleaning technicians would need to be hoisted up several stories high. Even if the building is only a couple of stories high, it could still be dangerous. It could even potentially be life-threatening. Also, the company may damage your home or office if they are not trained properly.

This is why it is necessary that whatever window cleaning service you hire has the necessary safety training. Make sure they have the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) training. They should also keep up with getting retrained and recertified every year. If the company is up to date with their safety training, it means they take their job seriously. It also means they are mindful of their client’s best interests.


There are a lot of fake cleaning companies out there. Ones that pose as legit companies, take your money and abscond. You can avoid these companies by paying attention to some little details.

When they come to your house or office to check the scope of the job and make a preliminary quote, do they arrive in a branded car or van? Do the cleaning technicians come in a branded uniform? Do they give you their business cards?

These might seem insignificant, a lot of people take these for granted. But they are quite telling in situations like this. They speak volumes about the professionalism of the company. Do not settle for less, if your prospective service company is lacking in any of these, look elsewhere.

Bonded and Insured

This might seem like a trivial issue at first. But it can become important if something happens while the company you hired is cleaning your windows. If the company is insured, all injuries sustained while cleaning your windows will be borne by the cleaning company. You as the homeowner will be absolved of all responsibilities.

Insurance covers a few areas. The first is General Liability. This is covering for the company if they damage anything in your home or office. The second form of insurance is Workers Compensation. This covers the company if an employee of the company gets injured while working on your property. The employee will be granted worker’s compensation and you will not have to pay for anything. What if a company is allowed to work on your property and they do not have any form of insurance? Then if any injury is sustained while working, you will be liable for it. It is better to save yourself the stress and only hire companies with insurance.

Bonding, means that the company will be liable for anything their employee takes from your home or office. These are for your safety and peace of mind. Simply ask the cleaning company to show you their bonding and insurance certificates before deciding to hire them. They should be happy to show them to you if they are a serious company.

Right Equipment

Is this such a big deal? Yes, it is! This is one of the factors that will determine if they will do an outstanding job or not. A window cleaning service worth its name will have invested in professional tools and supplies. Industrial grade equipment could include power washers, industry-grade cleaners and so on

If a company shows up at your door with a DIY kit or a rag and household glass cleaners, you should doubt their ability to deliver what they promised. Also, take note of the state or condition their equipment and tools are in. If they are in good condition and properly cared for, the company probably takes pride in their work. They will most likely treat your job with respect too. It’s all in the little details.

Get Some Estimates

Before settling on any particular window cleaner, make sure to get quotes from a few providers. Reputable companies should be happy to give you free estimates. The entire estimate process is a great way for you to get a feel of the company and how they work. Notice the little things like punctuality, responsiveness and communication.

They should ask to see the job to be done before giving an estimate. This is because most times, the amount to be charged depends on several factors. These include the area of the window to be cleaned, how dirty the windows are, difficulty in cleaning the window (if it is high off the ground) and so on. They shouldn’t just quote arbitrary numbers without even seeing the scope of the job to be done.

Do Not Go Cheap

After you have gotten your estimates, review them. Make sure you understand what you are being charged for. Does the quote include cleaning both the interior and exterior? Is cleaning the window frames included as well? You need to be clear about details like this as different companies offer different services.

Also, you should have at the back of your mind that, as is common with most things, you will always get what you pay for. You might want to go for a glass cleaner that is cheap, but that could get you inferior service. That is not to say paying a lot will get you good service. But most quality window cleaning outfits are aware of their worth and charge accordingly.

Avoid Janitorial Cleaning Services

Janitorial services are well known for being bad at cleaning windows. They generally offer this service but lack the expertise to execute it in a professional manner. They spray your windows with window cleaner and give it a fast wipe. The window will appear clean at first, no problem. But after a few days, streaks will start appearing on the glass.

You might also want to stay away from franchise window cleaning companies. Their goal is usually to grow the franchise and make money, job after job. This usually comes before client satisfaction. These kinds of companies tend to have a high employee turnover as well. This does little for continuity and building a culture of professionalism among the technicians.

Are They Big Enough To Handle The Scope Of Your Work

Some window cleaning jobs are way bigger than cleaning a few windows at a house in the suburbs. There are times when bigger buildings, houses, and tall office buildings need to use a big cleaning service. These kinds of jobs might need bigger teams of window cleaners or bigger machines. You would want a window cleaning service that has the capacity to handle such jobs.

Some window cleaning companies are sneaky. They outbid competitors by quoting very low amounts to close deals. As the project progresses, they start doing a good job. But then at some point they would realize that they have made a mistake. That they did not charge enough to actually finish the job. Then they will stop showing up and abandon the job. This could be very frustrating for their clients. No matter the scope of the job, make sure that the service you are hiring is capable of handling it.

Can They Offer You A Guarantee?

A good cleaning service that is confident in their abilities should be able to offer you some guarantees. This is a simple way for you to know if the window cleaning service will have your back or if they are going to be around to make good on their promises to you. They should be able to point to other circumstances in which they have upheld their word and delivered on their promises and guarantees.

This shows that they are interested in a long-lasting relationship with you. This is important because when a company sets out with the mindset of having you as a repeat customer. They would do anything in their first dealing with you to please you and make you happy.

What Is The Cost Of Hiring A Professional Window Cleaner?

Windows are an integral part of your house, both aesthetically and functionally. Dirty windows can make your house look unattractive and older than it is. This is why it is recommended that your windows should get a deep cleaning a couple of times a year. It is important to note that, the longer you wait to clean your windows, the more difficult it will be to get the dirt off.

According to Fixr, the cost of hiring a professional window cleaning service to clean an entire house is around $225. This is also close to the average calculated by some other websites including improvenet. Of course, this cost can vary based on a few factors. These include how many windows are to be cleaned, how dirty they are, the types of window to be cleaned and so on.

FIXT, Best Service Professionals At Your Fingertip

Finding qualified and reliable service professionals can be a long and tiring process. If you don’t get it right, it could leave you with a bad experience and an equally bad taste in your mouth. The good news is, you don’t have to stress over hiring highly qualified professionals anymore. You can simply fix it on FIXT.

FIXT is a platform that simplifies the process of finding skilled and experienced service professionals. On the app, you can search for real and verified service professionals for all your home or office service projects. All the professionals on the app have been put through verification processes. So you are sure you are getting the cream of the crop. You can also find real reviews from past customers on each service professional’s profile.

After deciding which service professional you want to go with. You can invite them and even track their progress on the app. After the work is done, you get to rate the service provided. With FIXT, finding the perfect professional glass cleaner can be a breeze. It gives you control over the whole process and eliminates all the stress. You can download the app now and get started immediately, it is super easy to sign up.


The search for a good window cleaner is not as difficult as it might seem. With the right tools and armed with the right kind of information, it could be a walk in the park. Make sure you pay attention to the important things. Get as much information as you can about your service provider before hiring them.

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