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How To Get The Best Grooming Service For Your Pet

People keep pets for various reasons. But, one major reason why people keep pets is because they make great companions. Others have them around because they are a source of emotional support. Regardless of the kind of pet you have, they all have adorable traits. These make it hard for you to not fall in love with them.

Having pets around you is lovely. But, taking good care of them and keeping them clean can be challenging. They are cute and adorable when they are clean and neat. How well you groom your pet will determine how healthy they will be.

What Is Grooming?

In simple terms, grooming is the act of cleaning your pet. When it comes to grooming, there are a lot of processes involved. Each of these processes lead up to you having a clean, cute and healthy pet.

When it comes to grooming your pet, you can either do it yourself or hire a pet groomer to handle it for you. If you have all the time in the world to yourself, you can decide to groom your pet yourself and take care of everything. You can also hire a professional pet groomer with the right expertise and experience. They can make your pet glow.

Why should you bother with hiring a pet groomer? Because doing it yourself will consume your time and energy. Worse, you might end up not doing a decent job. But, a professional grooming service will give your pet the best care.

What Are The Basic Types Of Grooming?

Hair Brushing

Hair brushing implies you using brushes to straighten the hair on your pet. This type of grooming can only be done on pets that grow hair like dogs and cats.

The dog’s hair, for example, needs to be adequately brushed. When you brush your dog’s hair correctly, it will straighten its hairline. It will also make them grow fond of you as they love having their hair combed. How often you trim your pet’s hair depends on the volume of hair on your pet’s body.

Nail Trimming

Your pet may let you brush its hair will ease. But, you will not have the same luck when it comes to trimming its nails. Dogs, for example, hate it when you hold their paw for long. They most likely will not allow you to cut their nails for them.

If you have hurt your dog once while cutting its nail it may avoid you trimming its nails from that time onward. Also, most dog owners do not like to trim their dogs because they fear they will hurt their pet.

As a pet owner, you should be careful when cutting your pet’s nails. If you are not confident that you can cut your pet’s nails without hurting it then you should hire a pet groomer.


When it comes to bathing your pet, you will realize that it is no fun. While bathing your pet, it may decide to run out of the tub wet, thereby dripping water all over your floor. For you to successfully bathe your pet, you will need a lot of patience and persistence. You will also need to nudge your pet to cooperate with you. Even if you can get your pet to cooperate, you still need to learn and master how to properly bathe your pet.

Ideally, you should bathe your pet at least once a week. You should pay close attention to the type of shampoo you will use. The wrong choice can have adverse effects on your pet.

Don’t have the time to learn about bathing your pet or even doing it? Engage the services of a pet groomer.

Ear Care

A lot of pet owners do not pay attention to their pet’s ear, this is wrong. You put your pet at risk of bacterial and yeast infection if you fail to clean their ear properly or at the right time. These infections could cause chronic ear diseases and make your pet ill.

So each time you are grooming your pet, you should pay close attention to the state of your their ears. If you notice excess debris in your pet’s ear, you should clean it out.


Trimming your pet’s hair is one of the important aspects of grooming. If you have a pet that grows hair, then grooming is not complete until you trim it.

Some breeds of dog like Shih Tzu and Poodle are known to grow hair fast. These breeds need their hair trimmed every two to four weeks.

If you are not confident in your trimming skill then you should hire a professional groomer to trim your pet’s hair for you. They are most likely going to do a far better job than you will do.

There are also some other general types of grooming. This mostly involves cleaning the teeth, anal gland and other parts of your pet.

What Should You Consider When Looking to Hire a Grooming Service?


Before you hire a groomer, you should first check what people are saying about them. A reputable groomer will have tons of positive reviews from their previous customers. You should check the reviews on the groomer’s website.

Most of the reviews you will see on the groomer’s website will most likely paint the company in a good light. For a diversity of opinions, check them out on Yelp to see what other people are saying about them.

Nonetheless, you should not base your final decision only on online reviews. Ask your friends and family for recommendations as well.

Groomer’s Facility and Their Service

One of the important factors to consider when you want to hire a groomer is the standard of their facility. If their facility is not standard and clean, don’t bother engaging their services.

Look around their facility. Does it smell? Does it have proper ventilation? Is it clean? Is it well equipped? Do they have a first aid kit? These are some questions that you should ask yourself.

Also, inquire about the kind of services they offer. Do they only bathe your pet or do they provide a full grooming service? You need to understand the exact services you are getting.

They should be clear about it from the outset. This will help you determine if they are a good fit or if you still need to keep looking.


Before you hire a groomer, you need to be sure they are truly a professional. A professional groomer will have a certificate from a reputable institution.

You should not hesitate to ask for the groomer’s certificate or any other documents that show that they know what they are doing. Ask for the groomer’s license as well. A groomer with a certificate shows they know their onions and are truly in business.

It is important to note that qualification is more than certificates. So, besides asking about their certificates, you should ask them basic questions. These will help you to have an idea of how much they know truly know about grooming.

If you are not satisfied with their responses, keep looking until you meet someone that answers your questions.

Products Used

Ask the groomer to show you the products they use on pets. A professional groomer will always use natural products that are safe for pets. But, unprofessional pet groomers will give little thought to the products they use. Most of the time the products they use are cheap and chemical-loaded products which may harm your pet. This is important, so be sure they can guarantee the products are safe and won’t hurt your pet.

Previous Experiences

Before you hire a pet groomer, you should ask if they have prior experience with your pet’s breed. If they have, ask them to tell you more about their process. This is because each breed, especially with dogs, have different standards and procedures that best fit them.


Take the time to find out if your groomer is insured. This seems like insignificant information. But, it could save you a lot of money if your pet is injured while it’s being groomed.


Before you hire a groomer, it is important that you two are on the same page about the cost of their service. Find out if there will be any extra charges at any point.

The cost of grooming varies, depending on your type of pet and the breed. In essence, the cost of grooming a dog will be different from the cost of grooming a cat. The price of grooming a Bullmastiff will also be different from that of grooming a Poodle.

The type of services that is offered will determine how much a grooming company will charge as well. Before any agreement is made, a groomer will give you a quote after assessing your pet.

Is Hiring A Pet Groomer Worth It?

Many pet owners think hiring a pet groomer is not a wise investment, nothing could be further from the truth. When you hire a pet groomer, you are showing that you care about the health and cleanliness of your pet. This is because a professional pet groomer will deliver the best service. Hiring a groomer also takes away stress and saves you more time to focus on other important things.

If you need more reasons to hire a pet groomer, here are they:

They Have the Right Tools

Unlike you, a pet groomer has different tools, like brushes and scrubs, that will help them to better groom your pet. This will allow your pet to have a great outlook. They also have the right cleaning solution, like shampoo. This will help your pet recover from any fleas, ticks and skin allergies.

They Fit Your Schedule

Hiring a pet groomer in your area makes it easier to groom your pet. You could drop your pet off and pick it up later in the day. Some pet groomers might even come to you in grooming vans and groom your pet in your house.

They Know How to Handle Pets

Grooming your pet comes with a lot of stress. Most times, pets will revolt against been groomed and could get aggressive. But, pet groomer knows how to handle pets. They will groom them in a way so that your pet won’t get aggressive.

Hiring a groomer means you are shoving the responsibility of handling and grooming your pet.

They Take Care of the Yucky Stuff

Grooming your pet is not the most pleasant task on earth. Especially when you are cleaning the anal gland or removing flies and ticks. A pet groomer will take care of these things for you without batting an eye.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does a Groomer Do?

A groomer is anyone trained to wash animals, brush their teeth and trim excess hair from their body. They will also clean pet’s teeth, skin, ears, and nails. They can even examine the skin of your pet to see if there are any signs of diseases.

A groomer also knows how to handle animals in a way that they will cooperate with them. This is a skill that is mastered by only people who are used to handling pets.

How Often Does My Dog Need To Be Groomed?

If your dog stays indoors and has short to medium length hair, you should groom it every 30 to 60 days. What if your dog stays outdoors most of the time and has a long coat? If this is the case, you will need to consider cleaning it more often than 30-90 days.

How Often Does My Cat Need Grooming?

Unlike dogs, cats tend to groom themselves and do not need constant grooming most of the time. But, if your cat has long hair or is an adult, it is advisable to regularly groom its fur to a reasonable length.

Can Groomers Provide Flea And Tick Treatment For My Dog?

Pet groomers offer flea and tick treatment for dogs. Before grooming, you should notify your groomer of your special need. In turn, the groomer will pay special attention to your pet’s skin.

Are Groomers The Same As Veterinarians?

Groomers and veterinarians have different roles. While a veterinarian treats and takes care of pets, a groomer only takes care of the body of a pet.

A veterinarian will administer drugs and vaccine to a sick pet. A groomer will wash and trim the hair of a pet that is due for grooming. Veterinarians and groomers work hand in hand.

Should I Have My Pet Shaved For The Summer?

You do not have to shave your pet for the summer if it is not due for shaving. But, you could consider trimming your pet’s hair a little to allow air to enter the pores of its skin.

Does your pet have overgrown hair? Does it look dirty and unkempt? If so, it is advisable that you trim your pet’s hair and groom it to make it look better.

How much training do grooming salon associates receive?

Unlike other professions, being an animal groomer does not require any form of formal education. It requires training and constant practice. It also requires affection for animals.

There are a lot of training centers where aspiring groomers learn about pet grooming. If an aspiring groomer wishes to have a grooming business or take part in the purebred contest, they must have at least a high school diploma or GED.

When it comes to becoming a pet groomer, there is no fixed way to go about. You can either study an animal-related course or intern at a well-known pet grooming institution.

How Long Does a Grooming Service Take?

How long the grooming of your pet will take depends on two major things. The size and the breed of the pet, along with the service you arranged for.

Grooming a pet that’s small in size will take less time compared to a pet that is big in size with lots of hair. It will also take more time if you arrange for a full grooming service as compared to a simple trimming of the hair.

Standard grooming should not take more than 3-4 hours. Trimming of the hair and nails should not take more than 15-30 minutes.

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