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How To Hire A Professional Locksmith: Important Things To Consider

With a busy daily schedule, it is easy to misplace your house or office keys. This has nothing to do with how careful you are. Even the most careful people lose their keys and get locked out many times.

Nonetheless, when you lose your key or get locked out of your car or house, the right person to call is a locksmith. A locksmith is the only one that can rescue the situation before you lose your head. But when you are hiring a locksmith, it is advisable that you hire a professional. There is a huge difference between hiring a professional locksmith and an amateur.

In this article, you will learn who a professional locksmith is, when you need one, and how to hire the best.

Who Is A Locksmith?

A locksmith is someone who works with locks on doors, safes, windows or cars. They are skilled tradesmen that specialize in installing locks. They also repair and adjust residential, commercial, and automotive locks and security devices. Locksmithing is an act that dates back to when keys and locks first came into existence.

Professional locksmiths are usually trained and licensed to provide lockout solutions. So, they carry the necessary equipment for performing various tasks.

When Do You Need A Professional Locksmith?

There are plenty of reasons you may need the service of a professional locksmith. Some of them are more common than others. Below are some of the reasons you may need the services of a professional locksmith.

1: When You Are Locked Out

It’s a common thing to see people lock themselves out of their home, car, or office. It is a common mistake to make. But, this can make you lose your peace when it happens. It may cause you to stay outside in the freezing cold or pouring rain for hours. It can even force you to take matters into your own hands. This often results in causing more damage to your property.

Instead of trying to break the lock or smash a window, what you need to do is to contact an emergency locksmith. This is usually a cheaper and more convenient way of getting out the mess fast.

2: When You Experience Lost, Broken, or Stolen Keys

Keys are small and easy to forget, so it’s quite common to lose them. When you are trying to remove your phone from your pocket, your keys may fall out.

Your keys can also be stolen. Even though it’s never a good feeling to fall victim of theft, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. To prevent a potential burglary on your property, contact a professional locksmith right away to get your locks replaced.

When you have used your keys for many years, there is a probability that they begin to weaken. This can cause it to break down someday or snap inside the lock. Then, you will need the service of a professional locksmith to help you extract the broken part. Trying to remove it yourself could cause unnecessary damage to the lock.

3: When You Recently Have a House Break-in

Was your house recently broken into? Do you suspect someone recently tried to tamper with the locks on your door? In that case, it is not advisable that you put your home at risk. The next thing you should do is get a professional locksmith to change the lock immediately.

4: When You Don’t Have A Duplicate Of Your Keys

If you are living with someone, it is important you have duplicates of the key. You might want to keep one in your pocket or bag in case you lock the room with the key inside. Getting duplicates of the key will save you money compared to hiring a locksmith in an emergency.

5: When You Recently Moved

If you recently moved into a new house, it is recommended that you change all the locks. It is common for some homeowners to give extra keys to their neighbors or family members. In that case, it means your home can be accessed anytime by strangers, even when you have the doors locked. So, to prevent this from happening, you will need to change the locks. This means you will need the service of a professional locksmith.

6: When You Have Damaged Locks

Imagine you are rushing to the office in the morning. You got to the door of your house and discovered the lock is damaged or broken. You definitely won’t want to leave the door unlocked while your valuable assets are inside. In this situation, you will need a locksmith to do a repair or replacement fast.

7: When You Forget Combinations

These days, it’s common to see people go for electronic locks rather than the traditional key option. But it’s still possible to forget the code combination, even though no key is required here. This often happens when you recently changed your code or keypad lock.

What Are The Advantages Of Hiring Professional Locksmiths?

As stated earlier, it doesn’t matter why you need a locksmith, what’s important is that you hire a professional. Not sure why you should do that? Below are some of the advantages that come with hiring a professional locksmith.

  • Fast response

Lockouts often happen when it is most inconvenient, and usually without backup keys. If you are locked out of your car in the middle of nowhere, a professional locksmith can get you back on the road in no time. They are trained to respond to emergency situations as fast as possible. You can get a new set of home or office keys in a few minutes. That is a perk you enjoy when you hire a professional.

  • Round-the-clock availability

Your keys can break at any time of the day. You can also get locked out of your car outside of business hours. Most professional locksmiths operate 24/7 with their mobile units. They also work outside of business times and on public holidays. That way, you don’t have to lose your head if you get trapped in any lockout situation. You can always get a quality locksmith’s service any time you need one.

  • It saves you money

Getting a professional locksmith for automotive, commercial, or residential lock replacements will help you save money. Even though your friends may tell you to hire an inexperienced handyman to fix your lock, you shouldn’t fall for that.

While they may charge cheaper rates now, you will later discover they did a substandard job. This kind of job can later incur an extra cost to get a professional to fix it. Why not pay a professional for the job once, and enjoy the peace of mind after a quality job is delivered?

  • Qualified and experienced

Most professional locksmith providers work with a team of highly trained and experienced technicians. These experts can handle any type of job, from installation to repair or replacement. They have the required experience when it comes to solving different locksmith related issues. This means that when you call them, they will come with the proper tools and equipment to get the job done.

  • Very convenient and time-saving

One of the priorities of professionals, apart from providing excellent service, is to ensure they don’t tarnish their company’s name. They have an image to protect. This means they will offer exceptional customer service because they want to attract more customers.

This is not the same as an untrained amateur who is most likely only interested in making some quick money. This is why they often deliver poor services while charging very little. They spend more time to get the job done, unlike professionals.

Important Things To Consider Before You Hire A Locksmith

When people fall victim of an emergency lockout situation, they are also more susceptible to locksmith scams. It is true that you can search online for a professional locksmith when you need one. But don’t forget scammers are everywhere on the internet looking for who to defraud. So you need to be extra careful when hiring.

To help you choose the best locksmith that will serve you better, review the following tips. These are the things you need to keep in mind anytime you are looking to hire a locksmith.

Don’t forget to ask for referrals from fellow homeowners

This is usually the fastest way to get help when you find yourself in an emergency lockout situation. Ask your fellow car owners or immediate neighbors for help. Let them refer you to a professional locksmith you can trust. Chances are that they would have worked with one before or know one that can do the job.

Conduct a quick Google search and compare rates

This is another great way to land yourself a true professional. Do a quick Google search. Try using some keywords like ‘locksmith near me,’ or ‘emergency locksmith’s service near me’. Google will bring up a few registered locksmith companies around you. From there, you can compare their rates and business ratings. You can also check on-demand platforms like FIXT to get a professional locksmith you can trust.


If you want to confirm the skills and authenticity of a locksmith, you will need to do some research in advance. To do that, call and ask some important questions while you listen carefully to their answers. Watch out for locksmith companies that refuse to provide a name and avoid them. Try getting a locksmith with a local address. You can ask them to confirm their location when you call them. Also, stay away from locksmiths who use an 800 number instead of a local number.

Check their ID and license

When the locksmith arrives, ask to see their license and ID. In most US states, it is a crime to work as a locksmith without getting a license. A professional locksmith, upon arrival, may also ask for your identification. This assures them that you are the owner of the car or home. Watch out for and avoid locksmiths that arrive at your location in an unmarked vehicle or in a car with a different business name on it.

Demand a cost estimate

This is a smart way to detect a dubious locksmith. They often start by quoting a low price to get you enticed to their company. But when they get to the location where their services are required, they tend to increase the price. The average cost of a locksmith service in the US is $60. If you have anyone offering anything lower than this, you need to be extra careful. That is a potential sign of a scam.

Before allowing the locksmith to work at all, make sure you get an estimate. If your locksmith does not agree to provide an estimate before the job is done, do not hire them.

Watch out for fluctuating bids

If the initial quote the locksmith gave on the phone is different from the one demanded on site, stop them from doing the job. Some locksmiths may inflate the bill later or demand payment for bad work. When you refuse to pay such costs, they threaten you with taking legal action. Don’t be scared or intimidated by this. You will be favored in the face of the law compared to them.

Don’t allow them drill your lock

If you are experiencing a lockout and your locksmith keeps suggesting you get a lock replacement or that he drills the lock, don’t hire him. It is only high-security locks that need to be drilled before they can be opened. A professional locksmith knows his way around unlocking almost any lock. If you have a high-security lock in your home, you may need to replace them for around $300.

Experience matters

One of the major keys you need to consider when hiring a locksmith is their level of experience. But experience doesn’t always mean the number of years. It is more of the skills the locksmith has when it comes to dealing with any type of lock issues, whether they have handled a similar situation to yours.


You need to also bear in mind the distance of the locksmith to your location. The distance should not be too far. You can consider going for a local locksmith who will be able to get to your location fast. You don’t want to keep waiting for several hours before you get things fixed. Hiring a local locksmith can help you save time and money.

Your safety should not be neglected

While you want a locksmith that will deliver an excellent job, you also need to be cautious of your safety too. You need to be sure you are not hiring a locksmith that will manipulate your door lock. That is why you need to look out for a locksmith from a reputable company rather than hiring a locksmith involved in a private practice. Safety and security are usually guaranteed when working with legit and registered companies.

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