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8 Vital Things To Consider When Hiring A Local Painter

Aesthetics is the food of the eye. One of the first things people notice when approaching a building is the painting on the wall. This is also the first thing they see when they enter the building. A house looks more beautiful when the painting is perfect and professionally done. This is why hiring the right local painter for your painting projects should be taken seriously. If you hire the wrong person who ends up doing a bad job, you might live with the mess for a long time. This may give you a bad impression about your home. It may even affect your comfort around the house.

You definitely want to come back to a home that looks neat and beautiful. Hiring a professional local painter is an important step towards achieving that. Many people repaint their home every year. This is because they want to change the look. You want a fresh look on the wall. It makes the home come alive. This is the exact reason you don’t want to end up hiring a bad local painter.

Who Is A Local Painter?

A painter is someone whose occupation is painting buildings. A local painter is hired by people within the community to help them paint their houses. They are usually someone who lives in the same area with you. A painter may also be referred to as decorator. This is because painting is a form of decoration. Painting is an occupation that requires some level of professionalism. It’s categorized as a skilled labor. This means that anyone undertaking a painting job is expected to have some skill-sets in the occupation.

There are professional local painters and there are people who want to make money off others. Professional painters are usually registered and licensed. They have experience and deliver top quality.

8 Things To Consider When Hiring A Local Painter

Know What You Want

A lot of people hire a painter without knowing what they actually want the painter to do for them. Sometimes you may know what you want but still have to make a few decisions. It’s important that you know in advance what you want to paint and you want the final look to be. You should clearly state your expectations and the compromises you can accommodate.

It’s alright for you to seek professional advice from your local painter about decisions like what color to use and the type of paint. But you should ensure these details are ironed out before you sign a contract on the job. You should plan ahead and outline as many details as possible that can help clarify what you truly want. This kind of communication is essential in ensuring you get exactly what you want.

Contact More Than One Painter

It’s better that you call in at least three different local painters. This way you will have options to choose from. They will most likely give different quotes. You will be able to compare their experience and technical know-how. Make sure you are physically available to interact with them. From their assessment of the project you will be able to determine if they are the right person or not. You should go with the person who offers the best prospect.

Get Estimates

You should collect an estimate from the different painters you contacted. A good quote should outline the materials needed with price tags. It should indicate the number of coats of primer and paint, plus the service charge of the painter. You should compare their quotes and try to identify the loopholes. Then go with the most satisfactory quote. But, you shouldn’t settle for a quote because it is the cheapest. That may be a flag of low quality service. You should be ready to pay a fair price.

Check References

Remember that a fake will not tell you they are a fake. References are a good way of finding out a painter’s competence. Ask for their references and call them. Be free to ask the references questions. Ask them about their opinion of the painter’s competence. You can also ask if they had any issues while they were on their job. Most people will gladly respond to your questions. If the jobs are in your area, you can go have a look yourself.

Be Sure They Have a License

You don’t want to hire an unlicensed painter. Things may turn out messy. You should check their license. You can confirm their license information from the government resource online. A license means that the painter is registered with the government. This means they have been certified to possess the required skills for the job. You may also consider their membership of their trade association or local business group. This is not a guaranty of competence. But it shows some level of commitment on their part.

Obtain a Detailed Contract

A detailed contract should include basic information about the painter you are hiring. This includes name, address, office and personal phone numbers and license number. You should also make sure every detail concerning the job is outlined in the agreement. The information in the quote and cost should be included. The agreed service charge should also be stated in the contract. Having this will be a good reference material if the outcome does not meet your expectations.

Get a Warranty

A guarantee is a good way of knowing how confident the painter is about their skills. A good painter won’t find it difficult to give you a two-year warranty on their job. This will also boost your confidence in their service. Although the paint may come with a warranty, you should also have the painter’s warranty. This is important so that you won’t have to spend extra for labor. The warranty should include a promise that the painter will correct any blistering, chalkling, flaking, or peeling. This correction problem is usually for the stipulated period of two years after the job is done without extra charge. But, it may stipulate that you will incur a small cost. This is still far better than spending huge sums fixing things.

Make Sure They Have Insurance

Hiring a painter with insurance coverage protects you from liability in case of an on-site accident. If your local painter does not have insurance coverage, you are likely to bear the cost of any accident or damage during the work. This insurance should cover their crew members too. In the case any of them get hurt, you won’t be on the hook. Insurance will also cover instances of damages. For instance, if the painter damages things around your house.

7 Benefits Of Hiring A Local Painter

They have a Reputation to protect

Reputation is very important to a local painter. This is because they work and live in the same area with you. A local painter knows that a bad review from you can affect their chances of getting jobs from other people in the community. They are aware that word can get around quickly. So they have to make sure they please their customers. This is in fact a major reason people prefer to hire local painters.

Local painters rely on referrals from customers. Their business survives on repeat buyers from the area. They want to use your work as a reference for others. They know people can easily call you to ask your opinion of their service. In this case, you will judge them based on the previous works they have done for you.

Easy to Check for reference

One of the things you want to do before hiring anybody for your house painting is to check the quality of their previous work. A national chain may not have had the opportunity of working in your area before. All you may get are pictures of their previous work elsewhere. A local painter has probably completed a handful of jobs in the community. You have the opportunity to approach those previous customers and ask them. You can even go and see those jobs physically instead of just looking at pictures.

Easy to get referrals

The best way to hire a painter is through referrals. This is easier with a local painter. Your family and friends have painters in the community that have worked with them in the past. They can easily refer you to a local painter upon request. You are also able to see the person physically and interview them before you finalize any agreement.

Modification Will Be Done Promptly

Painting jobs often require modification. If you are working with a local painter who resides in your area, you can easily get this done. It’s human to make mistakes. It only becomes annoying when those mistakes are not corrected on time. You can always contact your local painter to make necessary modifications when needed. They will want to do this because they know failure could mean a bad review from you.

Reduces Cost

Doing it yourself sounds cool. But you may end up spending much more when you decide to paint your home yourself. The painter already has the required tools to use. You will have to buy a new set of tools. You also don’t know the price of most of the supplies. You may end up buying at higher rate or even buy the wrong paint or materials. Hiring a local painter will save you from incurring avoidable extra costs. Hiring a painter also saves you from the stress of taking on a job you do not have the requisite skill for. Your energy can be better spent elsewhere.

Quality Service

You shouldn’t compromise quality when it comes to things like house painting. Having your house painted poorly can affect you in many ways. It can affect you psychologically each time you see the painting. Mind you, it’s something you will be seeing every day. Doing it yourself may not produce a good outcome since it’s not your occupation. Hiring a professional local painter will ensure you get the quality job your walls deserve.

Technical Know-How and Experience

Spending a few hours watching YouTube videos does not mean you understand the nitty-gritty of painting. While you spent a few hours on YouTube a professional painter has years of experience on the job. It’s their occupation. They know the right type of paint to use. They understand the problem of your wall. A painter will be able to identify the areas that need repair before painting. They also know the exact kind of material needed. These years of experience are so valuable that you can’t take it for granted.

5 Qualities Of A Good Local Painter

There are certain qualities you should look out for in the person you want to hire for painting your house. These qualities will help you make the right choice. They also serve as pointers to the painter’s commitment and reliability.


It is dangerous to hire a painter who has no reputation to protect. You should ask about your local painter’s reputation in the neighborhood. Don’t hire someone with a bad reputation. If they did it to others, why not you?


A good tradesman like a painter should have some level of experience. You don’t want to offer your home as a training ground. You can find out about their experience by asking certain questions. You should ask how long they have been on the job. You should also know if they have done a similar job before.


A good painter will show commitment through punctuality. You should observe the painter’s punctuality right from your first meeting. Notice how on-time they were. This will help you know if you work will be completed on the agreed date if you hire them. Your contract should contain details of how many days it will take to complete the job, and the time of resumption and closing hour each day. A painter who comes late or closes earlier than schedule is not a good one.


Honesty and trust are two important attributes to consider when hiring a painter. Remember that the painter will be working in your home. They will be spending time in your home, and around your family. Your life and that of your family may be in danger if you hire a bad person.

Reasonable cost

A painter that charges way above market competitive prices doesn’t deserve to handle your project. You should have an idea of what the ideal cost is. You can get these facts online. In fact, the next heading in this article will tell you the average prices good painters charge. You should not work with a painter that inflates prices of materials. That’s a sign of dishonesty, such people cannot be trusted.

Cost Of Hiring A Local Painter

There are two types of home painting you can hire a painter for. They are home interior and home exterior. These two attract different price ranges. The interior part of the home refers to the bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom and dining room. The interior usually has more compartments and attracts more costs. This is because a lot more details go into it. The exterior part of the home typically refers to the outside walls and whatever decorations you may have on them.

According to Home Advisor, the average price painters charge for painting a home interior is $1,765. The price ranges between $966 and $2,726. In low end areas, it can be as low as $350. While in high end neighborhoods, it can be as high as $4,510. An entire 2,300 square foot home may cost between $4,000 and $11,000. This price estimate depends on the prep work that needs to be done, and the quality of materials to be used. Painting a single room may cost between $200 and $1,000. The cost per square foot of surface area usually falls between $2 and $6. The average in this case is often $3.50.

Painters typically charge from $1,692 to $3,929 for painting a home exterior. The average in this case is $2,810. If it’s in a low end area, the painter may charge as low as $630. The cost is often as high as $6,000 at high end neighborhoods. Painters usually charge per square foot. An average home between 500 and 1,500 square feet may cost between $1,000 and $3,000. Factors such as number of stories come in to play. Access to the house can also affect pricing.

These prices are subject to many variables. But they will give you a good idea of what to expect. Prices are usually lower in rural and suburban areas compared to urban areas. You may find lower prices in some urban areas too. Your negotiation skills will determine the final price to pay. There are no fixed prices. You can always negotiate your way to a fair price.

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