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House Cleaning Services: How To Hire The Best Home Cleaner

Does your house needs a makeover but you are too busy or tired during the week to handle it? When you think about cleaning on the weekend, do you realize you have other important things to do? This can be draining.

Keeping your house in good condition can be trying. You may not have the time and energy to do the cleaning after returning from work each day. Devoting your weekends to house cleaning and maintenance may be out of your plans. You may want to rest and prepare for the following week’s job. Your family needs you during the weekend. You want to take the children out or have some time with your family.

In the midst of your busy schedule, are you are considering hiring the services of a home cleaner? This article will answer some of the important questions you may have. You will also learn about things to look out for when you are planning to hire a home cleaner.

What Are The Different Types Of House Cleaning Services?

There are different types of house cleaning services. They can be classified as:

1. Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning focuses on business premises and offices. All the cleaning exercises in a residential home are also performed on offices during commercial cleaning. This is because some companies have showers and kitchens that must be well maintained. This on top of the office furniture and other pieces of equipment that need to be in good condition. This type of cleaning takes place after office hours and during weekends.

2. Residential Cleaning

This is the most popular type of house cleaning service. It involves taking care of the entire house. Most of the time, the focus is on keeping the bathroom in a good condition, sanitizing the toilet and kitchen. Mopping and vacuuming are also important aspects of residential cleaning. This type of cleaning covers the living room and bedrooms as well as getting rid of dust. It also involves taking care of whatever will make the house look unkempt.

3. Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning requires cleaning with steam. It is ideal for removing dirt from homes. Upholstery and very dirty carpets are better cleaned with steam.

4. Carpet Cleaning

There are professional carpet-cleaning services too. These professionals will keep your carpets in residential or commercial buildings clean. They will clean and treat the carpet to keep it in the right condition.

What’s Included In A Home Cleaning?

Home cleaning involves a lot of things. When you hire a professional cleaning service, a cleaning company will focus on the:

1. Kitchen

Your kitchen is one of the most important parts of your home. Considering that this is where food preparation takes place, it must be clean. House cleaning covers the kitchen. It should take care of the countertops, small appliances, and other kitchen utensils.

Then, the kitchen floor will be mopped or vacuumed. They will also clean inside the fridge, oven, cabinets, and other parts of the kitchen.

2. Living room

The cleaning should include dusting every part of the living room. The furniture, cushions, and floor will receive special cleaning with vacuuming. The cleaning will extend to the TV set, fan, and other electronic appliances in the living room as well.

3. Laundry room

The cleaning should extend to the laundry room. The washer does most of the job here and needs special cleaning. It should be washed and wiped dry. Mopping the floor is also a necessity to ensure that the entire laundry is clean.

4. Dining room

The pieces of furniture in the dining room will be thoroughly cleaned. If dusting is not enough, the agency will clean the dining room with a vacuum. The professional will wash the table covers too. Finally, the company will vacuum the entire dining room to remove crumbs and other dirt.

5. Bathrooms

Your faucets, tub, countertops, mirrors, and other things in the bathroom need to be clean. The house cleaning service will clean the entire bathroom and everything in it. This extends to your toilet, shower, and the floor as well.

6. Bedrooms

You deserve a good night rest. When the window sills, baseboards and other places are clean, you can sleep well. The cleaning will cover all these parts of your bedroom. The service will extend to the hanging frames and mirrors. The cleaning service will clean whatever needs to be in the bedroom.

Some home cleaning services also take out the garbage or recycling. Some offer stain removal, window cleaning, and mold removal as part of their services.

How Much Are House Cleaning Services?

In the United States, the average cost of hiring a house cleaning agency is $150. Some factors that determine the cost are the size of your home and the location. Some companies charge per hour while others charge per visit. Some high-end cleaning agencies may charge more than $300 per visit. Low-end cleaning agencies may go for as low as $80.

Are House Cleaning Services Worth It?

Considering the cost, you may be wondering whether hiring a cleaning service is worth it. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider using a house cleaning service:

1. You avoid allergenic problems

Removing mildew and mold can be very challenging. They are also very bad for your health. They trigger nose and eye irritation. Your lungs, skin, and throat will also feel the effect of these substances during cleaning. Worse, the irritation can also trigger asthma attacks. The same can be said of grime and dust. When you expose yourself to these, you expose yourself to several health risks.

When you hire a professional, you spare yourself of this unnecessary health risk. The professional know how best to approach the cleaning. You can take a stroll or take your dog out for a walk while the home cleaners do their job. When you return, your home will be sparkling clean without worrying about your health.

2. It saves time

House cleaners undergo specialized training. Your lack of training means you will spend more time cleaning than a professional. Imagine if you have to do the cleaning after returning home from work when you’re exhausted. The exhaustion will slow you down.

Even if you decide to do the cleaning over the weekend, it might not be as good as professional’s. Why not hire a professional to get things done while you focus on other things.

3. It reduces fatigue

If you have tried to clean your home, you’ve discovered how stressful it can be. From the kitchen to the toilet, the bathroom to the laundry room, you will have tons of things to clean. Mopping the entire house can also be energy-draining. It might take several hours to get rid of dirt and keep your home the way you want.

4. A cleaner home

Even if you have enough time to clean your home, the professional touch will make a difference. Your basic knowledge of cleaning may not be enough to make your house sparkling clean.

You may even forget to clean some places or use the wrong cleaning solution. Why bother yourself when you can get a professional cleaning agency for the job?

5. You can spend your time on something more important

Hiring a home cleaner to take care of things for you allows you to spend time on some other important things. This is especially helpful if you don’t have enough time to attend to these things during the weekdays.

You can use the time to hang out with your friends or spend quality time with your family. It is a great way to unwind after stressing yourself during the week. It will also help you form a stronger bond with your family.

How Long Should A House Cleaning Take?

Are you are contemplating hiring a professional house cleaning service? Are you wondering how long a house cleaning takes? It varies as there is no rulebook for such service. Several factors determine how long cleaning a house will take. Some of them are:

1. The number of staff

The number of people that will handle the cleaning is a very important factor. If 6 people are cleaning a property, they will be faster than if two people are cleaning the same size of property.

2. Size of the property

The size of the property is another factor that counts. The bigger the property, the longer it will take to do a thorough job on it. It will take longer to clean a duplex than a single room apartment.

3. Number of people living in the house

The number of occupants in a house also plays a role in determining the cleaning duration. Few people in a house means there will be less cleaning to do. The more the occupants, the dirtier the house could be. If you have a large home with many occupants, it will take longer to clean your house than if there are fewer people.

4. Are there pets?

Pets also contribute to the degree of dirtiness of a house. Furry animals like dogs and cats may carry dirt in their hair and bring it home. Their paws may carry some dirt as well. These pets also shed hair, another contributor to the degree of dirtiness of a house.

What about other pets? They have a way of making the house dirty too. Droppings from your pet bird may litter the environment. Other types of pets may make the house dirty in different ways.

A house with a pet may be dirtier than a house without one. Such a house will take longer to clean. Vacuum cleaning is necessary to get rid of pets’ hair. The cleaner will need a lot of time to do this and remove traces of dirt the pets leave around the home.

5. How often is the house cleaned?

You should also factor in how often you clean your home. If you rarely clean your house, it will accumulate mold. There will be soap scum and mildew in the bathroom. The kitchen sink, countertop, and other places will be dirty as well. The cleaning team will take more time to keep the house cleaner than they would if you clean the house on a regular basis.

What To Consider When Hiring Home Cleaners

You will be doing yourself a disservice if you hire a random cleaning agency. You may end up hiring an incompetent cleaning team or one that is not suited to your needs. Before you hire a house cleaner, here are some factors you should consider:

1. Consider their reputation

This is one of the most important factors you must consider. Don’t stop at what the companies claim on their websites. While reviews are good, some companies publish paid reviews.

Ask your friends, colleagues, or family members what cleaning agency they are using. Are you receiving recommendations about a particular cleaning company while making inquiries? You may go ahead and hire them. Otherwise, steer clear of the company if past customers have poor remarks about them.

You can do a background check of the company as well. While some reviews are paid, you can check independent reviews from credible sources. This can complement what you find out from your friends and family.

Check the company on Better Business Bureau. Here, you can check the company’s customer complaint history with the company’s address, name, or email.

A simple Yelp search can give you what you need. Yelp contains reviews written by independent visitors. They may give you an idea of the reputation of a business.

Another powerful tool is Whois. This search will provide detailed information about the company. If the company doesn’t exist, you may want to be cautious in dealing with them.

You have several reputation verification options at your disposal. Take advantage of these options. Check whether a cleaning agency is a good fit for your home before you commit yourself.

2. Consider the cost

Before you agree to hire a cleaning service, consider the cost. How does the company charge? Does it charge per house or on an hourly basis? It is advisable that you compare quotes from different agencies. This allows you to choose an affordable agency. Hiring the cheapest cleaning service may not be the best idea. Rather, consider the agency that will provide you with the best service for a decent price.

3. Years of experience matters

How long have they been in business? A new company may not have the requisite experience to do a good job. It may also be ill-equipped to handle the cleaning to your satisfaction.

But, a cleaning service that has been in the business for years has years of experience to rely on. Such a company may have all the right tools for a comprehensive cleaning. So, if you want value for your money, factor in the years of experience and their tools when choosing a cleaning agency.

4. The location matters

You shouldn’t forget to put the cleaning service’s location into consideration. You should consider an agency that isn’t located far from your home. The location determines the cost. It also makes it more difficult for the agency to come over for the cleaning.

5. Terms of Service

Each company has a policy. Find out what a cleaning service’s policy is before you invite the cleaners over to your house. This is important if you want to avoid unpleasant situations. These may earn you some extra charges you aren’t prepared for. Do they charge a cancellation fee? What do they expect of a client? When you go through their terms and agreements, you won’t be caught off guard when using their service.

You can save yourself the stress and time you will spend taking care of your home by hiring a professional. They have the required experience and tools to do a good job, within a reasonable amount of time.

The tips in this article will help you pick a professional and credible home cleaning agency to help you with your cleaning. You deserve a clean home. A professional home cleaning service will ensure you get one.

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