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Having a sleek 4D TV in your house is all classy and cool. But is there anything as awesome as also having a surround sound home theater system to go along with that huge television screen? Every movie becomes a cinematic experience. The clarity and quality that a good home theater system gives can be thrilling. Is it a basic home theater system that you are looking to get or a fancy one? Either way, you need the right professionals to make the process a painless one.

Finding the right service to install your home theater system can be challenging. A lot of things could go wrong. If not properly done, you could end up with a weird sounding system. You do not want to have wonky sounding speakers when you are binging on the Harry Potter series. If you are an audiophile or cinephile or you just love a good cinematic experience, this article is for you. There are several reasons why you should hire a professional for your home theater installation. Here they are:

Why Home Theater Installation Service?

This is a very valid question. Why should you go for a professional service to install your home theater system for you? Here are a few important reasons why you should consider working with an expert installer, rather than doing it yourself:

Don’t Waste Money Or Get Cheated

Home theater systems, especially the modern ones come with the latest technology. A lot of innovation has gone into home theater systems. Since the days of simple players that offer basic sounds and plasma or tube televisions. Now there are home theater systems with surround sound. Sound systems that could pick out a pin drop in the middle of a raging battle. They give you a cinematic experience right in your living room. These home theater systems come at a premium, of course. But what makes it even worse is that most electronics store salesmen will try to upsell you on every item.

Hiring the services of home technology professionals can help you navigate these stores. They will know exactly what you need and how much it should cost. Professionals can tell you where to concentrate your budget to get the best bang for your buck. Your installation service could help you save money while making the best recommendations.

Installation and Servicing

You have most likely visited a friend or relative at their home, and to turn on the TV became an extreme sport. Everyone started searching for the TV remote among many lying around. They most likely also had several connections and wires lying about too. A professional home theater installation company will complete your installation neatly. All connections will be well hidden behind walls or plastic coverings. No potentially hazardous wires trailing everywhere. No more remote controls than you don’t know what to do with. Instead, you can have one single functional remote that controls your entire home theater system.

Your installer could even set you up with some snazzy functionalities. This could include controlling your sound system from your phone using an app. You cannot beat the service you will get from people whose job it is to handle installations. They will know which exact spot to place your speakers to get the right kind of sound. They will consider the architecture of your house to determine how to set up your home theater system. Your connections will be done correctly.

Some companies also offer after-sales service. Anytime your system develops any issues, they will come over and fix it for you.

How To Hire The Best Home Theater Installation Service

When it comes to installing your home theater system, you need the best hands to handle it. Some of these systems could cost several hundreds to several thousands of dollars. If you are shelling out this kind of money for a home theater system, then you want to be sure that it’s being installed right. You need to get your money’s worth after all.

Here are important factors to pay attention to when looking to hire home installation service:


This is especially important with anything involving electronics. As you know, electronics in a house are delicate things and must be connected right. All it takes is an iffy connection somewhere for the whole thing to be a potential fire hazard. An experienced installer is someone you can trust to do the job and do it properly without any worry.

Before you hire a home theater repair service, find out what their history is. What previous systems have they installed? How satisfied were the clients? It does not matter the scope of the work you want to be done. Do you want a small and basic home theater system, consisting of a TV, a few speakers, and a DVD player? Would you prefer a full-fledged cinema-like home theater system? Including a huge projector screen, surround sound, and cinema lights? Make sure the company you are looking to hire has handled a similar project before.

Hire Professional Technicians

The technicians that your home theater installation service use will give you an idea of the professionalism of the company as a whole. The technician you hire to install your home theater system should not make you feel intimidated or unknowledgeable. A good technician will establish a good rapport with you. They’ll even explain technical issues that you might not understand.

If you are paired with installers that have an attitude, do not bother hiring the company. It is likely that the attitude will get worse. Professional technicians should make you feel relaxed and comfortable. They should be able to talk you through your options. They should also offer tips to help you get the best experience with your home theater.

Check References

It is amazing that a lot of people that hire one home service or the other do not ask for references. This is basic, always ask for references. Make sure the people giving the references are not related in any way to the installer. Ask that the references provided be from a client that had a similar installation to yours.

Do you want a full-fledged home theater system installed? If so, you don’t want references from a client that just bought a TV and DVD from the installation service. Ask the references leading questions. Ask them how the service they received was. Were they happy with the home theater system that was installed. Ask them if they had any issues with the system, and what they would change or do differently the next time. Ask them about the installer, if they were professional and listened to their needs. Make sure you are satisfied with the answers to these questions before you consider them for the job.

Take A Trip To Their Offices

Going to the installer’s office to view where they do business is crucial. It is possible that your home theater installer will not have a fancy and extensive display. But you will be able to gauge how committed they are to their business by what they do have on display. You can check their business management skills. How their staff works and responds to other clients. You can even get a feel for some other things you cannot put a finger on, like their competency.

What Kind Of Products Do They Carry

The kind of products that a home theater installer sells or stocks is indicative of the kind of company they are. You shouldn’t choose an installer solely because of the kind of products they carry. The question you should ask is, why is this installer carrying these products and not other products? Also, be wary of installers that say they do not have a particular product, but they can get it for you. That could be a red flag.


A lot of home theater systems manufacturers choose their dealers carefully. If an installer says they will get a product for you, it means they are most likely not authorized dealers of that product. You might not get the best quality from them and definitely not the best price. Whatever product you want to buy or that is important to your home theater system. Make sure that your installer is an authorized dealer of those products. This would be of use to you in the future. If any of your home theater products develop any kind of fault later on. You can just send it back to your installer. Instead of sending it all the way back to the manufacturer who might be in another state.

Another advantage you can get with authorized dealers is pricing. There is no one installer that can carry every brand. This is why different installers choose products and manufacturers that work for them. They may choose products based on the availability of such products in that particular area. Their choice could also be based on the reputation of the manufacturer. Especially when it comes to after-sales service. Whatever the reason, the installer would give you a great price for those products.

Is Your Installer Knowledgeable, and Certified?

Your installer should have extensive knowledge of new technologies. They should also know about the products that are currently making waves in the market. They should be able to tell you which products and models will be obsolete in a few years. This will help you save money by not buying outdated products that you might have to upgrade later on. So, the more knowledge and experience your installer has, the better for you.

Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association (CEDIA) offers courses in some electronics fields. These include wiring and acoustics, future technologies, home automation and so on. They are a trusted and recognized training organization for home service professionals. Ask your prospective installer if they have gone through any of the CEDIA training or if they are a member. Of course, it does not mean that only CEDIA members are good installers, but it could give them an edge.

One more thing to note. When it comes to home installations of electronic devices. There is nothing more dangerous than hiring an amateur. Do not make the mistake of hiring an installer that feels qualified to install home theater systems because they can install car stereo systems. Things don’t work like that.

Before you give the go-ahead for your installer to start work, check to see if they have a certification.

Is Your Installer Insured and Licensed?

Here is one other T that you must cross with your home theater installation service. Be on the lookout for proof of insurance, and do not be afraid to ask. It protects you from any and all accidents that might happen while they are working at your home. This might seem unnecessary until something happens and you are left holding the bag.

Also, make sure the company has the proper licenses required to conduct business of that sort in the state you are in (if it is required).

There you go. A checklist of important factors you should consider before hiring a home theater installation service. If you follow the steps discussed in this article, you can sit back, relax and enjoy your movie or music at home in peace.

How Much Does A Home Theater Installation Cost?

As you already know, home theater systems range from simple flat-screen TV and DVD installations in your living room to gigantic 1080p projectors with surround sound systems. So, the cost of installation varies. If all you want is to hook up a DVD player to a television, it could cost you about $100 -$200 dollars. But if you wanted the kind of setup described above, the installation could run into days or weeks. It could also set you back $10,000. It really is based on what you want. According to several sources, the average cost of installation for a home theater system is around $1,300.


Getting the ultimate movie experience at your home should not be something that is too difficult. If you know what to look for, you can hire the right installation service that will give you the perfect home theater system, fast and easy. Just make sure you understand what you need and set out to get it with the right installer.

One way you can get the home theater system installed without any hassles is signing up on an on-demand platform like FIXT. FIXT is a platform where you can get the best qualified home service professionals with a few clicks. Getting a home theater installation service becomes very easy with FIXT. You can choose from the list of different home theater installation technicians available on the app. Every service provider on FIXT has undergone strict verifications. You can find reviews from past customers right on their profile. This will help you decide what home theater installation technician is most suitable. You can schedule appointments, and communicate in real time with your installer, all within the app.

To get started, simply sign up on FIXT and search for home theater installation, and you are good to go.

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