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How To Find The Best Computer Repair Technician Near Me

There is a feeling of frustration you reserve for when your computer goes belly up with no warning. This feeling goes deep and could make you want to smash the entire computer to bits and pieces. The frustration increases when you cannot seem to figure out what is wrong with the machine or how to fix it. You are not alone in this, no one wants to feel outsmarted by any piece of technology. At some point, though, you have to give up and seek professional help.

At this point, you start to search around for computer repair technicians near you. This in itself could be a bothersome process. You are not guaranteed that you will find a good computer repair service. Can you trust them enough to hand over your personal computer? Even when you do find one, you are not sure they will do a good job. If there is something as annoying as your computer breaking down, it is having to fix it again and again.

The fault with your laptop could be hardware-related like a broken screen or keyboard. It could also be a software problem. This could include a virus or if you accidentally deleted important files. Whichever one it is, chances are, your first instinct would be to try and figure out the problem on your own and fix it. While doing it yourself is a good instinct, the problem could be something you cannot fix on your own. The question is, at what point should you seek the services of a professional computer repair service or technician?

How To Know When You Need A Computer Repair Service

There are some common and easy to fix issues that your computer might develop. But then, there are some that you will need to seek out a computer repair service or technician. Here are some examples of laptop issues that you might want professional help for:

If Your Battery Won’t Charge

If your battery doesn’t charge or only charges to a certain point and stops, you might need a battery change. This particular issue can be caused by several factors. It could be that the battery itself has gone past its prime and needs replacement.

Most laptop batteries have a half-life of about 2-4 years. In this case, the laptop could help you diagnose the problem. Most laptops would show a red “X” over the battery icon in the taskbar tray. This is an indicator that your battery needs to be changed. Changing a battery is as simple as buying a new one and replacing the old one. Although, you need to open up some laptop models before you can get access to the battery. It is still a fairly simple process, one that you can complete on your own.

Another reason for this could be that your battery charger is faulty. This can also be a simple fix by buying another one. You have to be careful when getting a new charger though. You should be mindful of the voltage and current specifications of the charger. You should get one with the exact specifications as the original charger. It should also be from the same manufacturer.

The last reason for your battery not to charge could be a fault with the charging port. Now for this, you would most likely need a technician. It is a technical issue that needs to be fixed from the inside. What if you have eliminated the other two factors, and the issue still persists? Then you need to search for the nearest computer repair service to you.

If Your Laptop Is Shutting Down Without Warning

If your laptop turns off in the middle of performing a task, out of the blue, you definitely have a problem. It could be a battery problem. It could be that the battery is not charging. You can switch it off and wait for a while for the battery to charge, then switch it on again. If the problem continues, then check if it is a screen problem. What if your computer is running and nothing displays on the screen? Then, go through the shutting down and restarting process once again.

If you are certain the problem isn’t any of these, you might have a faulty hard disk on your hands. This is a serious issue and you might lose all your data if it’s not handled the right way. This is where you call expert help. They would help you recover all your files and effect any and all necessary repairs.

If You See The Blue Screen Of Death

As an owner of a personal computer, this is one error that can spontaneously bring sweat to your face. Nobody wants to see the blue screen of death. It is a harbinger of even more serious issues happening with your computer. The blue screen is Window’s way of telling you there is fire on the mountain. You need to run to a computer repair technician.

You could try fixing it on your own by running the troubleshooting program that pops up and do a system restore. But at the end of the day, there is usually a larger issue waiting to manifest. Taking the computer to the professional is still your best bet.

If Your Laptop Starts Getting Hot

Laptops come with inbuilt cooling systems. These aid air circulation and prevent the machine from getting too hot. If your laptop keeps getting unusually hot, then, it might be a manifestation of a serious issue. The first thing to do is to try and switch it off and let it cool down a bit before powering back on. Also you should check a few things.

Make sure that you are using your laptop on a hard surface, not on anything soft like a bed and pillows. Soft surfaces tend to block airflow. Check the vents and make sure they are not obstructed. Also, remove and check the battery, if it is also very hot, then it probably needs changing. You could even get a cooling pad if you want to go the extra mile.

If none of these steps fixes the problem, you might have a bigger issue on your hands. This is the right time to visit your nearest computer repair technician.

If Your Screen Is Broken, Pixelated or Blurry

This is one computer issue that you might not be able to fix by yourself at all. That is why the computer screen repair business is huge in most countries. Broken laptop screens could have jagged and sharp edges. These could injure an amateur who doesn’t know what they are doing. Repairing it also requires a fair amount of knowledge about the inner workings of a laptop. A layperson might not have this knowledge. Especially if the screen is one of the modern ones that are ultra-thin. It is advisable to leave this one completely to the professionals. As soon as you detect an issue with your laptop screen, contact your computer repair person.

If Your Computer Gets Attacked By A Virus Or Malware

Your laptop is getting attacked by a virus or malware is a serious concern. Has your computer become slow for no reason? Do you have to deal with annoying pop-ups? Maybe your browser keeps directing you to sites that you are unfamiliar with or don’t want to visit? The odds are that you are dealing with a virus infection.

To try to fix this on your own, you can try rebooting your system in safe mode. Safe mode makes your computer look weird and you will have some programs missing when you boot up. But it is okay, that is how it is meant to be. After rebooting your system, you can launch your antivirus program and start a full system scan. This might take a while, depending on how large the space on your laptop is. After this, reboot your system normally and run a quick system scan this time.

Your antivirus system should be able to find and remove viruses and malware on your computer. What if this does not improve the performance of your machine? Then you will need to take a trip to the computer repair technician. A good habit to get into, though, is updating your virus system every week, at least. New bugs are released frequently and you want to stay protected.

You have been taken through a crash course on how to know when to seek professional help for your broken computer. You should be able to tell when to try a Do-It-Yourself approach and when to hire a computer repair service. If you decide to call a professional, how exactly do you choose the best service?

How To Find The Best Computer Repair Service Near You

You are in the market for some super technical support for your computer. You are concerned about getting the right type of help. You do not want to end up with amateurs or fraudulent computer repair technicians. Here are the things to look out for:

Ask Around

When looking for local tech support, this is probably the most important step you can take. Ask your friends and people around you about the local computer repair service they use when their computer acts up. Also, go online and check the websites of local companies and reviews. You should be able to find something or someone that could help you.

Another way is to visit local computer stores that don’t offer repair services. Go to them and ask where they refer their customers to. You can also visit local computer support groups to get recommendations. There could be one at the closest public library or senior center to you.


Most people live on their computer, they have important files, documents, and media on them. Privacy and trust is usually a concern when taking your computer to be repaired. You are concerned about the safety of your documents. You’re probably wondering if they would be safe with your computer repair technician. It all comes right back to reputation. Make sure you go with that computer repair service that has a great reputation. One that has built trust due to stellar service over the years.

Stay Away From The Chains, If You Can

Going to chain computer support stores or office supply stores that offer computer support is not always a good idea. There is a general consensus about these chain stores. It seems to be that a lot of them charge a lot for services that you do not necessarily need just to get you to pay more.

You could actually get a great one every now and then. But why leave it all up to a coin toss? Local knowledge would also go a long way here. Ask around, find out if anyone you know has used the chain store before. Ask them how the service they received was, good? Bad? Middling? This will help you to make a more informed decision about the chain store.

Do Some Snooping Around

Yes, you heard right, it is the health of your beloved computer that is on the line here. Most computer repair services don’t stand alone. They usually have some form of retail service going on also. What you can do before deciding to try them out is to go there and do some recon.

Browse around the store and keep an eye on other customers that are either picking up or dropping off their computers. You will get a front-row seat to view how they service their customers. You can observe the level of satisfaction of the customers too. Do they seem happy with the service they have received? Check out the technicians, do they sound like they are knowledgeable? If you are not satisfied, you should move on.

Ads Are Not Always True

You could see an ad for a local computer repair store around town proclaiming that they are the best. Because they said they are the best does not mean they are. That is how advertising works. Because you see it often and all over town, you start believing that they are indeed the best. Overcome the urge and do your due diligence before you choose them for your next computer repair job.

Be Willing To Pay Premium Price

You might not want to hear this, but this is a simple truth. As you can tell, getting a good computer repair service is not particularly easy. The truth is, when you do get one, there is usually a hefty price tag attached. Sometimes the cost to repair your personal computer might even be close to the cost of purchasing a new one. Quality service comes at a price.

How To Get Professional Computer Repair Service On FIXT

There is a whole world of professional service professionals out there. There are good ones and the really terrible ones. The trick is how to find the good ones for your office and house needs. The good news is there is an app that takes care of that for you. FIXT is a premium platform for finding on-demand service from qualified service professionals.

The process is quite easy. You can use the in-app map to find the closest computer repair professional to you. You can read real reviews about them and contact them through the app. You can even track their progress to your home or office. Every process has been made easy.

Getting your computer repair technician is as easy as clicking a few buttons with the FIXT app. Only qualified and verified professionals are allowed on FIXT. You can also see reviews from previous customers to determine the technician you are most comfortable with.

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