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Closet systems play a very important role in your bedroom. It allows you to store and arrange your clothes and clothing accessories. It also allows you to keep your bedroom in order. It is easy for your closet to turn into a huge pile of mess. Especially when it is overstuffed with more clothes than it can contain.

When this happens, you will have to spend more time than necessary to find clothes to wear to an outing or work. If you are moving to a new house, you might need a new closet system. The one you are currently using might get damaged, needing a repair. Worse, it might be beyond repair and you’d need to get a new one installed. To get this done right, you will need the service of a professional closet system installer.

In this article, you will learn more about why you need a closet system installer. You’ll also learn how to choose the right one for your work.

What Is A Closet System?

A closet system is an architectural structure. It includes a combination of shelves, rods, hangers, drawers, and shoe shelves. As noted earlier, it allows you to arrange and organize your clothes neatly. This makes it easy for you to make any outfit choice fast and without making a mess of the whole place.

A closet system has spaces for hanging your coats and jackets. It also has shelves where folded shirts and other clothes go.

A well constructed and professionally installed closet system will make your bedroom neat and organized. This will allow you to create more space in your bedroom.

What Are The Benefits Of A Closet System?

A closet system has tons of benefits, here are some of them:

It helps you to stay organized

One major benefit of having a closet system is that it helps you stay organized. A well-arranged closet allows you to keep your room arranged and neat.

It also prevents you from having to shift through a pile of clothes every morning. A closet system allows you to sort and separate your clean clothes from the dirty ones.

It saves time

Time is precious. One way you can save more time is having a closet system. With a closet system, you don’t need to waste time looking for what to wear each time you want to get dressed. The time you would have spent on sorting and finding an outfit can be used for more productive things.

It saves money

How does a closet system help you save money? With a well-organized closet system, you don’t have to waste money buying duplicate shoes or bags. Your closet system gives you a clear picture of everything you have.

A closet system also allows you to round up what you are not wearing and put it up for sale. This can help you make some extra cash for yourself when you need to.

It keeps your bedroom tidy

A closet system allows you to have a bedroom that is tidy and free of clutter. A messy bedroom can hinder you from being in the right frame of mind.

Types Of Closet System

There are different types of closet systems. Each type has different designs and storage space. There are three major types of closet systems. They are: Reach-in-Closets, Walk-in-Closets, and Armoires/Wardrobes.


Reach-in Closets are a combination of high functionality and design aesthetics. It includes features like hanging rods, shelves, and drawers. It comes in a small size. But, it has spaces that can hold different clothes and accessories in an organized and accessible manner.

Reach-in-Closets have a sliding or regular door that you can shut to conceal your closet after use.


Walk-in-Closets are highly flexible. They allow you to store multiple things in them. You can customize Walk-in-Closets and add new features to it at will.

A Walk-in-Closet has a room on its own which allows them to house your clothes and shoes better than a Reach-in-Closet. With this closet, you do not need to stack clothes on each other. It also gives you a full view of all your clothing.

Walk-in-Closets come in different sizes and details. It is also referred to as the dream closet.


Armoires/Wardrobes are attractive storage spaces. They come with regular shelves, pull-out shelves, poles, drawers, and different compartments. It comes in different sizes depending on your budget and needs. It can also be used to store different types of clothes.

How To Install A Closet System

There are two major ways you can install a closet system. You can decide to go the DIY route or hire a professional closet system installer.


You can install your closet system by yourself if you are experienced in installing a closet system. Experience in this regard implies that you have installed different types of closet systems in the past.

One of the many disadvantages of installing your closet by yourself is that you need help. Because closets are large, you will need some help to install it successfully. A lot of things can go wrong when you try installing a closet yourself. Some parts might get damaged. You could even hurt yourself in the process. Plus you may end up wasting too much time on it. The right thing to do is hiring someone with the right tools and experience to get it done for you correctly.

Hiring a professional closet system installer

If you are not experienced in installing a closet system, your best bet is to hire a professional to install it for you. A professional closet system installer will save you the risk of damaging your closet system when installing it yourself. Plus you can save yourself the needless stress.

Who is a professional closet system installer?

A professional closet system installer is someone trained to install closet systems in houses. They are highly skilled and experienced in installing different types and different sizes of closet systems. They also repair damaged closet systems.

Professional closet system installers can also tell you which type of closet system is the most ideal for you. Their advice is based on their initial evaluation of your bedroom and budget.

When Do You Need A Professional Closet System Installer?

There are different reasons why you may need the help of a closet system installer. But here are some of the major reasons:

When you need to install a new closet system

If you are moving to a new house or if your closet system is damaged beyond repair, you will need to buy a new one. Buying a new closet system comes with its own challenge. That is installing your new closet system properly without damaging it. To achieve this, you will need the help of a trained closet system installer.

A closet system installer will handle your closet with utmost care. They will also fix your closet system properly.

When you do not know which closet system to buy

A closet system installer is experienced in installing different types of closet systems.

This makes them the perfect candidate to ask questions about buying a closet system. Especially when you are in a dilemma.

When your closet system is damaged

Closet system installers can also help you fix a damaged closet. With their expertise, they can get a damaged closet back to working condition.

What Are The Advantages Of Hiring A Professional Closet System Installer?

Hiring a professional closet system installer has a lot of advantages. Some of the major advantages are:

It saves you money

Hiring a professional closet system installer will save your money. It allows you to install your closet without incurring extra charges for damages.

You get prompt response

A professional closet system installer is prompt in offering their services to you when you need it. They can come over to inspect your house and tell you what type of closet and size you should buy, based on your requirements. Also, they are available to fix your damaged closet system or install a new one as fast as possible.

They are qualified and experienced

Professional closet system installers are highly trained. They have vast knowledge on how to install and fix different closet systems. Their training and experience allows them to handle other closet system related problems. Also, they are equipped with the right set of tools that help them get the work done.

It is convenient and saves time

One of the advantages of hiring professionals is that you can sit back and relax while you enjoy their service. Getting a professional to get the work done is more convenient than having to install or fix your closet system yourself. It also saves time too as professionals will get your work done in a shorter timeframe than you or an inexperienced installer will.

What Are The Factors To Consider Before Hiring A Closet System Installer?

On average, a closet system  costs between $200 to $6000, that is no small investment. To get the best out of this investment, it needs to be fixed properly. One way you can achieve this is hiring a closet system installer that is professional and well trained.

There are certain factors to consider when looking to hire a closet system installer. Paying attention to these things will help you decide who the right fit for your job is.

Here are some factors that you should consider before you hire a closet system installer:

Referral from other homeowners

This is one of the viable ways to find a professional closet installer. Ask your neighbors for help if they can recommend any closet installer. Chances are that they would have worked with one before or know one that can do the job.

Search them online

Before you hire a closet installer, you can do a quick search on the Internet to see if they have any online presence. A professional closet installer should have a website that outlines their services. They should also be registered, and have great reviews and business ratings. Another way you can get a professional closet installer is by using an on-demand app like FIXT.

Ask them questions

A professional closet system installer should not mind you asking questions about their services and how they operate. So it is important to ask your potential closet installer questions like their name (for a quick check), their local address, and their pricing. Also, you should ask about their level of experience and the types of closets they are familiar with.

Ask for their license

Before you hire a closet system installer, you should ask to see their license. A professional closet system installer should be registered with the government. Also, they must have a valid license. A professional closet installer should also come in their company vehicles. If they don’t have a license, you might want to consider other options.

Demand for an estimate

Before you allow a closet system installer to work in your house, you need a well-detailed estimate. A professional closet installer should not have a problem giving you a full estimate of their service before they start working.

Avoid any closet installer that insists on giving you an estimate after they have completed their work. Ensure you compare rates from different closet installers before making your final decision. Be wary of rates that are ridiculously cheap and sound too good to be true. They might be planning to play a fast one on you or they are just amateurs.

How To Hire A Professional Closet System Installer On Fixt

Finding a qualified and professional closet system installer can be an exhausting process. If you end up hiring an amateur who posed as a professional, you could end up with an ill-fitting closet system. Worse, your closet system could get damaged. To help you avoid such problems is why a platform like FIXT exists. You can find professional and thoroughly vetted closet system installers on the FIXT app.

What is FIXT?

FIXT is an on-demand platform that allows you to find skilled and experienced service professionals to handle your home or office jobs. It has a search box that allows you to search for professionals in various fields and verify their services.

FIXT screens professional before they are accepted to list their services on the app. This screening process allows FIXT to enlist the best professionals. Each service provider has their full information. This includes reviews from past customers fully displayed on their profile.

After you have decided on the professional that you are hiring, you can invite them over. They get the job done and you get to review their service.

The process of hiring a service professional on FIXT is so simple and fast. Within a few clicks, you can find the right fit.

You can get started today by downloading the FIXT app and have a firsthand experience of how things work.

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